Wasteaware is an international collaboration of waste professionals, academics and researchers.  The Wasteaware benchmark indicators is an online tool to assess the performance of the municipal solid waste management and recycling system in a city, municipality or group of municipalities (collectively referred to as ‘a City’) in a standardised manner.

The Wasteaware indicators primary purposes are:

  • to allow a City to assess its own performance regarding delivery of solid waste management services;
  • to provide information for decision-making on priorities for the limited funds available for service improvements, by identifying both local strengths that can be built on and weak points to be addressed; and
  • to monitor changes over time.

In addition, using a standardised indicator set allows benchmarking against the performance of similar Cities, within a country or in different countries, on a consistent basis. The Wasteaware indicators have been designed specifically to be applicable to Cities in all countries, irrespective of income level. 



Cosmin Briciu
Costas Velis
Andy Whiteman
David Wilson