University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is a world top 100 university and are renowned globally for the quality of our teaching and research.  Our academics and researchers have access to specialist facilities and laboratories including:

  • Public health laboratories with separate areas for solid waste, water and wastewater;
  • Bench-top testing facilities to look at the fundamental behaviour of materials;
  • Solid waste management sample preparation laboratory; and
  • Testing rigs for full-scale structures built of construction materials including recycled materials and composite materials.

We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators.  At the heart of our impressive research and funding portfolio are large grants and cross-disciplinary centres funded by the EPSRC, ESRC and NERC.  With a strong reputation for working with community, industry and government partners, the University of Leeds is at the forefront of helping build more sustainable societies and cities fit for the future and able to face climate change challenges.