RWA Group

Resources and Waste Advisory Group is a UK registered company founded in 2009 by four small environmental companies/organisations, Wasteaware (UK), Green Partners (Romania), Regional Environmental Center (Bulgaria), EPC-Koc (Bulgaria) and CDM Engineering (Ukraine). The Company is run in accordance and compliance with UK law, and works in a range of specialised niche segments of the international environment and development consultancy business. RWA Group has a decentralised structure that enhances its ability to remain lean and competitive in the international consultancy business. The staff of RWA are contracted both within the RWA Group company, and within the RWA partner companies. The company structure evolves organically in accordance with our areas of core business success, and our teams are tailored to specific projects. As with any consulting business, the value of the company is in its members and staff. The RWA Group team includes currently 20 professionals with different specialisations.